Current Roadmap

Phase 1

Launching with 450kVA at test facility

The current power infrastructure available at our test site is 450kVA, with little adaptive work being required. 

We currently have 240 s9 miners online at our R&D facility on Metro Vancouver’s Annacis Island. 

This site will be used as a demonstration facility to showcase our operation to international investors and clients arriving via the nearby Vancouver International Airport.

Phase 2

Ramp up to 4MW at Site 1 – Ready-work for Site 2 and 3

The company will increase capacity at site 1 to 4MW by month 3. This will see 2640 new s9 miners coming online. Concurrently at sites 2 & 3, the infrastructure will be built-out to 23MW, along with the engineering for the build to 47.5MW. 

Phase 3

7.5MW Site 1 and 5MW on-line at Site 2, 17MW on-line at Site 3

By month 6, sites 1 & 2 will be able to supply 12.5 MW of power to 9,000 s9 miners. They will generate approximately 125 PH/s, and an estimated CAD 800,000 in revenue per month from a combination of service revenue and corporate mining revenue. Site 3 will also be online with 17MW capacity, providing an additional CAD 1,100,000 in revenue per month.

Phase 4

280MW on-line

Within 24 months we should see sites 1, 2, and 3 fully completed, Site 4 will be online with 25MW and contributing CAD 1,600,000 in monthly revenue. 280MW of available power with a potential of 150,000+ miners being powered.

At full capacity, there should be monthly revenues of CAD 12,000,000.

The company will at this point continue to scout and secure additional favored power jurisdictions so it can continue with the scale-up activity based on the successes with the first three sites.