Mining as a Service (MAAS) is a hybrid utility infrastructure company that services the Blockchain, Crypto, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) industries.



MAAS will deploy a container-based mining model in remote locations that require little oversight while in operation. Built on a scalable platform that has been proven in an operating model, the system is ready to roll out and rapidly scale up.


With access to long-term power purchase commitments, MAAS is ready to become one of the largest domestic mining companies in North America. Through a reliable, localized renewable power source and a seasoned management, MAAS creates a level of infrastructure reliability and corporate stewardship that is hard to find in the current market.


MAAS occupies the sector between mining companies and mining pools.

The company provides power infrastructure and technical support for entities that want to compete in lower cost electricity markets without the cost of the building the infrastructure and the fight over competitive power rates with more control and opportunity than offered by mining pools.

MAAS will have one of the largest known power bases in the North American crypto mining industry.

MAAS expects to have 280MW under contract within 12 months and 890MW within 24.

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British Columbia

What makes BC one of the best spot for crypto mining?

Stable jurisdiction

Stable jurisdiction

Home of the 3rd most livable city in the world

Home of the 3rd most livable city in the world

Accessible power

Accessible power

Fast growing economy

Fast growing economy

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The Company has six confirmed sites ready for development.

BC Hydro operates an integrated system backed by 30 hydroelectric plants and two thermal generating stations, as well as over 79,000 kilometers of transmission and distribution lines.

BC Hydro’s electricity generation is over 98 per cent clean.

In July 2016, when BC Hydro filed a revenue requirement application with the British Columbia Utility Commission, many of our industrial customers had faced declining prices for the commodities they produce, which contributed to $3.5 billion less in forecast revenue to BC Hydro in the period ending Fiscal 2024, MAAS Blockchain has engaged BC Hydro to address the forecasted loss.

British Columbia has an estimated 75 brownfield sites, which are often in or near declining rural communities. Examples can include former refineries, closed industrial facilities of all scales such as factories, foundries/smelters, maintenance facilities, mine sites, saw mills and rail yards. MAAS Blockchain has engaged civic and community leaders to address this shortfall.

MAAS working with BC Hydro has identified 22 sites that would be of strategic benefit to both MAAS and BC Hydro. The sites targeted would have industrial power available via hydro transmission lines connecting to private substations and would be subject to the 1823 A/B tariff rate. 

The 22 sites identified, 12 are currently operating and the remaining 10 are target by MAAS.