“Having the privilege of meeting the Aenigma team on numerous occasions, I can tell you that this is by far the most technical and sophisticated group operating in the crypto fund management space that I have had the privilege to work with. They bring a strong team of technical analysis and accounting focused human capital, that even the most sophisticated traditional markets brokerage firms could be envious of. They have shown a strong interest in migrating into the regulatory framework, while still providing unique exposure to the challenges of navigating the alt coin and crypto markets. By bolting this group of individuals onto our company, we have shown the market our commitment to work with only the best operators in the space. I look forward to a very long term and prosperous working relationship with the Aenigma team.”

MAAS Blockchain’s CEO, Kevin Smith on Aenigma

Ænigma Capital LLC a Miami based broker-dealer, crypto hedge fund that combines venture capital style investment in early stage (pre-ICO and private round) projects with analytical investment in publicly traded tokens.

By partnering with Aenigma and taking advantage of their strong understanding of this dynamic sector, MAAS will be able to increase our crypto holdings from in-house mining operations and remain focused on day-to-day business. Aenigma and it's founding partners have established a reputation within the cryptocurrency realm as some of the most technical minds regarding market prices and predictions of future movements in this volatile sector. 

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This statement can be supported by the outstanding 323.2% return they delivered to their fund’s investors during the cryptocurrency market’s tough conditions last year. It is also the goal of MAAS to continue to allocate portions of profits generated into Aenigma Capital in order to safely increase exposure to cryptocurrency markets. While our blockchain’s main business model is a hybrid-utility play, we also recognize the importance of establishing early and continued exposure to cryptocurrency. 

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