We secure pre-existing, underutilized heavy electrical projects from failing industries in the Pacific Northwest.

By revitalizing old infrastructures, MAAS has secured clean hydro-electric power contracts at some of the lowest prices in North America.


Our Mission

The company provides power infrastructure and technical support for entities that want to compete in lower cost electricity markets without the cost of the building the infrastructure and the fight over competitive power rates with more control and opportunity than offered by mining pools.

MAAS will have one of the largest known power bases in the North American crypto mining industry. 

MAAS expects to have 280MW under contract within 12 months and 890MW within 24.


The financial model is based on two main revenue streams, Mining As A Service (Hosting) and actual Bitcoin mining.  Hosting revenues are deemed to be earned in the month that they are rendered and revenues from mining bitcoins are received through the value of the bitcoins produced as well as the transaction fees set by users of the network. 

The mining revenue assumptions are based on a percentage of the daily network earnings. The value of Bitcoin mining revenues generated are functions of market projections based on an equilibrium created by overall mining revenue vs. difficulty and the projected impact of MAAS’s mining to the existing mining network


MAAS has allocated 80% of its accessible power toward Hosting activity and 20% toward mining Bitcoin internally.