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Investing in British Columbia provides companies with a unique opportunity to meet their environmental sustainability goals with access to low cost, reliable, clean and renewable energy.

BC Hydro is one of the largest energy suppliers in Canada, owned by the Province of British Columbia. The utility operates an integrated system of generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure to deliver electricity to four million customers. Last year, 98% of all electricity generated was from clean or renewable sources – such as biomass, hydro, wind and solar.

Over the last few years, BC Hydro’s large industrial customers have faced declining prices for the commodities they produce. This has created a situation where existing customer sites have excess capacity that could be used for new industries seeking access to affordable power. Often these sites are in communities that have faced economic hardship and are looking to diversify.

MAAS has been working with BC Hydro to assess the suitability of these sites for the mining industry. To date, 22 sites have been identified that would allow new customers to connect quickly, reduce costs and avoid duplication of infrastructure.



Mining has grown from a simple hobby performed by early adopters on ordinary PCs into a capital-intensive industry that uses custom hardware equipment and features a specialized value chain, which can be summarized into five categories:

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June 5th 2018, Coinmint - a cryptocurrency "mining" company is moving ahead with plans to repurpose a 1,300 acre plot once used by Alcoa for aluminum smelting.

Coinmint said it would invest up to $700 million in the upstate New York location, which it expects to be the biggest bitcoin mining center in the world. The project will create an estimated 150 jobs over the next 18 months.

After Alcoa shuttered its aluminum smelting operation there four years ago, the company was looking for a tenant. Following some back and forth and a few months of discussions, Coinmint said it signed a 10 year lease with options to renew.

Operations are already underway at the former Alcoa East Facility complex, and are projected to be at full capacity within a year. The 435 Megawatt mining center is expected to be the world's largest digital currency data processor, based on capacity*

August 6th 2018, Bitmain Technologies Ltd.—a world leader in blockchain hardware, software, and services—today announced the launch of its new blockchain data center in the city of Rockdale, Milam County, Texas ( roughly 50 miles northeast of Austin Texas).

This represents an investment of more than US $500 million by Bitmain over an initial period of seven years into the local, county, and statewide economies. The Milam County blockchain data center and cryptocurrency mining facility represents a key component of Bitmain’s strategic investment and expansion plans within North America.*

It will occupy a section of the former Alcoa Rockdale operations site which includes an aluminum smelting facility and a recently-retired coal-burning power plant. 

Sandow power station: Nameplate Capacity: 1535 MW (Megawatts)

Alcoa Inc. is the world’s sixth largest producer of aluminum.